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The CommLaw Group
Jonathan S. Marashlian
1483 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 301
McLean, Virginia 22101
Telecommunications law firm specializing in representation of competitive telecommunications and information service providers. We offer cost-effective licensing, certification, tariffing, regulatory compliance and litigation services to pre-paid industry, IXCs, CLECs, enhanced services, VoIP and more. International Section 214 license only $1,400, including FCC fee. FCC and nationwide PUC/Secretary of State compliance services.

The Maldonado Law Group
Edward A. Maldonado, Esq.
3399 NW 72nd Avenue, Suite 216
Miami, FL 33122
Niche boutique law firm representing clients and businesses in the fields of telecommunications, VoIP, prepaid calling cards, POS business, stored value cards (SVC) with their business transactions, corporate structuring, state/federal regulatory compliance, satellite/wireless frequency licensure, telecom billing disputes, lobbying, telecom litigation, patent litigation, SVC products & services compliance with Patriot Act, escheat law, and Money Service Business regulation, Money transmitter licensure, and financial service compliance for SVC products. Firm offers on-line legal consultations for out-of-state clients and client matters.

RealSource Communications, Inc.
Altus, OK  Phone: 580.477.1772
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