A Review of Prepaid
What Consumers Need to Know
Arlene Hauben
The prepaid services industry has matured from calling cards and plain vanilla gift cards to products that offer convenient, secure, and money-saving financial tools for consumers in all walks of life. With prepaid technology, consumers have the ability to buy goods online without a credit card, send gift cards through email, have immediate access to their paycheck funds or government disbursements, and transfer money for air time and for the purchase of goods to their families overseas.
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Prepaid BusinessOpen Loop PaymentsVirtual ServicesWirelessGift CardsNOV 17, 2014
5 Minutes With Miles Paschini
Group President, Wave Crest
Rivka Gewirtz Little
As a company, Wave Crest embodies the future of prepaid. The company sells payment platforms that support a wide range of prepaid card programs, but it also offers a mobile wallet platform that could place prepaid at the heart of digital payments.
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Prepaid BusinessOpen Loop PaymentsWirelessGift CardsLoyalty/RewardsNOV 17, 2014
Mobile Payments - The Game Goes On
Who’s the Fairest of Them All?
Arlene Hauben
Soon after I got my iPhone 6, Wells Fargo sent an email to download an app for Apple Pay. Fast work, Apple partners. Looks like the mobile revolution is actually in full throttle. Will the stalwart Apple be able to change consumer behavior at the point-of-sale (POS) counter?
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Prepaid BusinessWirelessNOV 17, 2014
Product Review: verykool SL5000
VeryKool offers unlocked Android phones that work with any GSM SIM card.
Rivka Gewirtz Little
The unlocked smartphone may be the crucial factor that makes the prepaid wireless world. As wireless carriers battle for prepaid customers with super cheap flat-rate plans, they’re still offering up $400+ devices that customers can’t afford to pay for up front.
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Prepaid BusinessWirelessPhone CardsNOV 17, 2014
There’s a New Sheriff in Town
FCC Enforcement Bureau Serves Up a New Brand of Justice
Jonathan Marashlian
In recent months, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) has been delivering on new Bureau Chief, Travis LeBlanc’s promise of handing out swift, strict, and forceful penalties for violations of FCC rules and regulations.
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Mobile Application Strategies for Prepaid Providers
By Carrie Fedders

What’s your Mobile App Strategy? Third Party App Integration, Custom App Development, or Out-of-the-Box Solution?

Flying back from Vegas after The Prepaid Press Expo 2014, and reflecting on the hundreds of conversations I had with both start-ups and household name prepaid providers, there were two terms buzzing in my head: Integration and Mobile Apps.

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Regulatory RundownPrepaid BusinessWireless
November/December 2014
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